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Zero Image 75D Deluxe 4x5 Wood Pinhole Camera 25-75mm Multi Format System - Back To Nature Series

Model: 14704
Manufacturer: Zero Image

Item currently in retail store, will ship in 24-48 hours.

The Zero Image Back to Nature Series of cameras are basically the same design as the traditional Zero Image pinhole cameras, made of solid brass, high quality teak wood (for yacht making) with hard wax-oil finish which is far more eco-friendly. This hard wax-oil finish not only maintains the natural look of the wood, it also forms a highly durable barrier against water, stains, heat, dirt and wear and tear. It will not peel or flake and it is very easy to maintain. Not like the lacquer finish, wax oil is very easy to apply to offer a far more affordable price so more people can enjoy pinhole photography.

The Zero Image 75B is designed to enable multiple focal lengths and comes with two 25mm extension frames which allows you to set the camera to 25mm, 50mm or 75mm at anytime. After you chose the focal length, select the appropriate pinhole or zone plate for the camera on the built-in turret.  It is easy to distinguish between a zone plate and a pinhole plate on the turret.  The pinhole is made of brass shim and the zone plate is the transparent black film.  The turret has a making of one dot for 50mm focal length, two dots for 75mm focal length and no dot for the 25mm focal length.

You can add focal length to this camera with the purchase of a 25mm extension. Use of the extension may require extending your exposure time (ex. for 100mm using the .4mm pinhole, use f/250 as your aperture value).

The Zero Image 75D Deluxe package comes with a unique cable release adapter, giving you more control over framing and exposure times.


  • Include 2- 25mm Extension frames for a focal length of 25-75mm
  • Includes 4x5 Viewfinder
  • Includes Exposure Scale
  • Does not include 4x5 film holder (sold separately)