Blue Sunprints Cyanotype Sensitized 100% White Cotton 8x8 inch Fabric Squares - 25 pack

Model: 6623
Manufacturer: Blue Sunprints

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Each piece of 250 thread count Blue Sun Print White Fabric is pre-washed and coated with Cyanotype solution which, when exposed to sunlight with objects or a negative placed on top, will yield a white image on a blue background.

Can be pressed with a warm dry iron before printing to remove wrinkles.

Simple to do.  Just place your image or object on the Sunprint cotton.  Set it out in the sun for 10 - 15 minutes.  Remove your design from Sunprint cotton and rinse in water until the water runs clear.

Includes step-by-step instructions in English, French, German, Spanish & Japanese.

Product is coated both sides so you can print on either or both sides, then rinse with water.

Conforms to ASTM D4236 regulation stating that this product can be used safely as an "art material" or "craft material" used by children and is Non-Toxic.

Special Note (Washing):  Cyanotype material is very durable and is washable.  If you do not want the image to change, make sure to use detergent without phosphates.  Using detergent with phosphates will turn the image yellow.

Special Note (Toning): Use a phosphate detergent to change your blueprint to yellow, then use black tea to change your yellow print to a brown (sepia) print.

Chemical Type Cyanotype