Omega Hanging Film Dryer

Model: 429950
Manufacturer: Omega

This item is no longer manufactured.

The Omega HD-100 Hanging film Dryer is designed to accept a large quantity of film, in very little space.

A custom built blow dryer tops a 6' vinyl bag attached to keep out dust when film is hanging. The dryer has a toggle swith for "Off", "Fan Only", and "Heat" (approximately 105 degrees fahrenheit). The top of the bag is equipped with steel rods for attaching film clips.

It can be hung on a wall, or even mounted on the back of a door. The sturdy vinyl bag opens and shuts quickly, with a magnetic closure.

Holds up to 10 rolls of 35mm film or 6 sheets of 4x5 film , requires only 1 square foot of space.

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