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Duvetyne (Commando Cloth) Flame Retardant Darkroom Blackout Cloth - 1 Yard

Model: 260110
Manufacturer: Misc

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Duvetyne (Commando Cloth) Flame Retardant Blackout Cloth - 1 Yard cut from roll.

One unit measures 1 yard (36 inches) by 55 inches.

  • Commonly used for temporary masking and draping where light reflection is undesirable

  • 100% Cotton brushed finish with topical F/R, 16 oz. per linear yard

  • Fire Retardant NFPA-701

  • Typical applications include film and photographic studios and set, theatrical sets, and AV presentations

  • Note on Care: Washing will remove flame retardant.

  • 55 inch width

  • Black Only

Special Note:  This version of Duvetyne CAN be used to "black out" a window or room.  It also can be used for photographic studio shooting purposes.

When ordering, the order quantity must be equivalent to how many yards you are ordering. i.e. 3 linear yards worth of material would be ordered as a quantity of 3.

This material is cut from a large roll with sewing/thread lines at intervals, these are not light tight so they are avoided when filling orders. If ordering more than 8 yards, be aware that it will arrive in more than one cut. Please call with questions or specific desired lengths.