Efke IR820 Aura B&W Infrared
35mm x 36 exposure

Model: 192368
Manufacturer: EFKE/Fotokemika

This item is no longer manufactured.


Freestyle has partnered with Fotokemika to bring you Efke IR820 AURA (true infrared) film!

This is the exact same formulation as Efke IR820c except that it does not have an anti-halation backing. The absence of an anti-halation is critical to achieve the "blooming" effect reminiscent of Kodak HIE Infrared film.

Special Tech Tip:  Because this film does not have an anti-halation backing the film must be loaded in to the camera in very subdued light or total darkness or your first few exposures will be fogged!

It has a spectral sensitivity up to 820nm and available in a 35mm x 36 exposure , 120 size and 4x5 sheet film. 

When used with filters that are deep to opaque red it is effective in creating scenes where foliage and clouds are pure-white, while water and blue sky is coal black.

Warm skin tones and lips will appear white. It has infrared spectral sensitivity up to 820nm.

Note:  Testing of this emulsion has shown that the best results are obtained by using an Opaque Hoya R72, Tiffen #87, #89 or B+W 092 filter and rate at 1 - 1.5 ISO. Aperture f/16 - 1 - 8 second exposure.  (Reciprocity failure applies)

Near-infrared results are obtained by exposing the film at ISO 25 with Red 25A filter. Aperture f/16 Shutter speed 1/30th second.
(Reciprocity failure applies)

Note:  This film is spooled by the manufacturer in non-DX coded cartridges

Click here to download the Technical Data Sheet
in PDF format for Efke IR820/Maco IR820c Film

Film Size 35mm