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Zero Image 2000 Basic 6x6 Wood Pinhole Camera

Model: 1466
Manufacturer: Zero Image

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Zero Image Cameras are collectible, handmade, wooden pinhole cameras with an antique design. The  Zero Image 2000 camera was originally designed with a high-end CAD system. Each is a limited edition, hand crafted pinhole camera made of teak wood, imported from Thailand by the world renowned artisans at Zero Image in China.

The Zero Image 2000 6x6 Basic takes 12 pictures on 120 film and offers a breathtaking 130° angle of view – “wide angle” in its purest sense.  Its compactness belies its versatility – it is truly fantastic for creating unique perspectives of everyday scenes.

Precision-cut pinhole and machine-turned, polished-brass fittings make this a unique camera. Functional and collectable, it is a beautiful display piece and durable workhorse in one. Each camera comes with a signed certificate authenticating its limited edition status.


  • Handmade wooden medium format pinhole camera
  • Precision-cut pinhole and machine-turned, polished-brass fittings
  • For medium format 120 size film



Camera Type Pinhole