Lynn Radeka

Lynn Radeka

Member, Freestyle Advisory Board of Photographic Professionals


Lynn Radeka has traveled and photographed the American West and Southwest since the late 1960's. Early in his career he had the fortuitous opportunity to have his work critiqued and encouraged by several of his inspirations including Ansel Adams and Wynn Bullock. Lynn's photographs have been published in a variety of media including fine art black and white posters for several American National Parks and five full-color books. His photographic expertise has been shared in numerous technical articles in major magazines and books. Lynn is also included in the prestigious book "World's Top Photographers: Landscape". His original prints are on display in several private, corporate and museum collections as well as galleries throughout the world. Mr. Radeka is especially noted for his expertise in black and white contrast masking (traditional film-based techniques that allow the photographer to achieve rich, luminous traditional prints) and has co-written and published the "Contrast Masking Kit". He conducts contrast masking workshops in his darkroom in southern California and field workshops on a regular basis. Please visit his websites and for more information and images.


Contrast Masking The Traditional Print
Contrast Masking The Traditional Print - Example Images


Death Valley Photography Workshops 2020 Death Valley, CA 2020-03-09 to 2020-03-13
Death Valley Photography Workshops 2020 Death Valley, CA 2020-11-16 to 2020-11-20
Arizona Ghost Towns Photo Workshop 2020 Southern Arizona Desert Towns 2020-03-30 to 2020-04-03
Southern Utah Photography Workshop 2020 Various locations in Southern Utah 2020-10-05 to 2020-10-09
Gold Rush Highway Photo Workshop 2020 Various locations along California's Hwy 49 2020-05-04 to 2020-05-08
New Mexico Photography Workshop 2020 El Malpais National Monument, Grants, new Mexico 2020-10-12 to 2020-10-16