Rollei RLC Low Contrast Film Developer for Rollei ATP1.1 - 1 Liter Concentrate

Model: 422210
Manufacturer: Rollei

This item is no longer available.
ROLLEI LOW CONTRAST developer is a special developer for technical film
materials including Rollei ATP1.1, with very steep gradation. Based on developing time, these films can be used through bending of gradation, for normal photography purposes.

The negatives showing a very fine grain structure, extremely high edge sharpness, and an excellent rich toning range.

Dilution is 1+4; 52 ml concentrate + 208 ml (distilled) water.
Do not process below 68˚F/20°C, Agitate for 30 seconds.
Efficiency: 4 films per 250 ml concentrate.

ROLLEI RLC LOW CONTRAST film developer is more oxygen sensitive than other developers. Therefore, air must be squeezed-out from the open container, as much as possible. Small amounts should be refilled into a small dark glass bottle. Color of the concentrate should not be changed into brown color.

Developing times of technical films must be tested and figured for individual taste. The basic time figure is 6 minutes for a middle gradation. Any time extension, increases the usable sensitivity, and will increase contrast.

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Rollei RLC Low Contast Film Developer

Chemical Type BW Film Developer