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Adox Premium MCC 110 VC FB 8x10/5 Sheet Sample Pack - Glossy

Model: 15681
Manufacturer: Adox

This item is no longer manufactured.

Freestyle Photographic Supplies, in partnership with Fotoimpex, Berlin is exclusively importing Adox MCC 110.  If you liked the Agfa Multicontrast Classic papers, you will like Adox MCC 110.

Adox Premium MCC 110 is a variable contrast fiber paper of the highest quality. The Agfa engineers succeeded in creating a highly complex emulsion based on 4 individual emulsion layers, which, over the complete tonal range from light to dark, provide exceptionally good tonal differentiation and contrast range.

The paper allows for short exposure times, is highly light sensitive, has absolute stability from batch to batch and offers the highest DMAX of all paper on the market. It produces wonderful warm tone images in a warm tone developer and a crisp cold tone in cold tone developer.

"After doing some preliminary testing of the Adox MCC110 I can confidently say that it's a paper that will allow me to make any print I've ever made, including ones that I have not been able to make for roughly 18 years, due to the various contrast limitations of other papers. Thus, the Adox MCC110 will quickly become my prime paper for my printing needs. Obviously I need to do further testing to discover all the minor details, but I've learned enough to know it's a fine paper."

-- Bruce Barnbaum Member, Freestyle Advisory Board of Photographic Professionals


  • Traditional black and white paper
  • Pure white base
  • Responds well to toners
  • Produces warm image tone in warmtone developer and cool images when developed in coldtone developer
  • Recommended for use with Compard Print WA developer
  • Manufactured in Germany


Paper Type Fiber Based (FB)
Paper Surface Glossy
Paper Size 8x10
Paper Base Tone Neutraltone
Grade Variable Contrast (Multigrade)
TechnicalAdox MCC Papers