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Formulary Nelson Gold Toner Powder - 1 Liter

Model: 060120
Manufacturer: Formulary

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Similar to Kodak T-21 and unmatched in its versatility. Tones range from just a hint of warmth to rich sepia browns. Toning can be stopped at any time between 5 - 20 minutes. Final images are permanent and are formed by a combination of silver sulfide and gold.

The toner keeps almost indefinitely and its capacity is extended by adding small amounts of gold chloride solution, which is included in the kit. The toner is relatively inexpensive per print; one liter of solution is used to tone about 300 to 400 8x10 prints (with replenishment), depending upon tones desired. The satisfying results of this toner have made it popular over the years.

The chemicals in this kit are used to prepare a working solution and the kit contains sufficient gold chloride for a replenisher solution.


  • Warm to sepia brown tones
  • Great capacity and extended shelf life
  • Can tone 300-400 - 8x10" prints (with replenishment)


Chemical Type Toners
Liquid/Powder Powder