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Formulary TF-5 Archival Rapid Fixer - 1 Liter

Model: 030200
Manufacturer: Formulary

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Formulary's TF-5 Archival Rapid Fixer is great for both film and paper, featuring a processing time of only 30 seconds for resin-coated prints, 60 seconds for fiber-based prints, with no hypo clearing agent necessary. There's little to no odor if mixed with distilled or filtered water and is the only rapid-fixer system that allows the print to be completely fixed without impairing the rapidity of the wash.


  • No stop bath necessary
  • Non-hardening
  • Near-neutral fix
  • No image bleaching
  • Dilute 1:3 with distilled water for best results


Chemical Type Fixer
Liquid/Powder Liquid
Material Safety Data SheetFormulary TF5 Archival Rapid Fixer

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