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Printing Black and White Negatives on Color Paper

Is it possible to get a color print from black & white film?

Occasionally, the question comes up about whether or not a black and white negative can be printed on color paper. It is possible, however you will get a monochrome print, meaning that it will only have varying shades of one color. You will not get the colors that were in the original subject when photographed. Note that both Ilford and Kodak make "chromogenic" black and white films. These are developed in color neg (Process C-41) chemistry, and are usually printed on color paper.

That being said, there is a way to get a full color print using only black and white film. This was how color photos were first made. You would make three exposures of the subject. One exposure with a red filter in front of the lens, one with a green filter, and one with a blue filter. The red filtered image would be exposed onto a cyan matrix, the green onto a magenta matrix, and the blue onto a yellow matrix. When the three matrixes are combined, you have a full color print.

So, the answer is, full color from one neg? No. From multiple negs? Yes.