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New Mexico Photography Workshop 2020

El Malpais National Monument Grants , new Mexico

NEW MEXICO! A land of grand vistas, ancient dwellings, fantastic ghost towns, historic churches and some of the world's most unusual and photogenic scenery. Join Photographers Fred Newman and Lynn Radeka on this second year for this popular workshop where we will explore and photograph some of the American West's most iconic locations and seldom-visited places. From the beautiful New Mexico churches and missions, to photogenic lava, eroded sandstone details and ancient Indian Petroglyphs. From old western ghost towns and ruins to fantastic wilderness areas like Bisti Badlands. This workshop will be topped off by a visit to Shiprock, one of the great landmarks of the American West.

Our basic itinerary begins at El Malpais National Monument near the route 66 town of Grants, NM. Here we will photograph some amazing rock and lava forms including the tenacious and well known Pinyon Pine perched atop luminous sandstone forms. From there we head east on I40 (old Route 66) through Albuquerque and the semi-ghosts of Golden, Madrid and Cerillos, photogenic towns with colorful and historic churches and unusual graveyards which provided the locations for several western movies. As we travel along the "high road to Taos", the historic and highly photogenic missions and churches of old New Mexico are next: Santa Fe, Chimayo, Las Trampas and Taos - locations frequently visited and photographed by Ansel Adams.

West from Taos we drive through spectacular northern New Mexico through the ghost town of Tierra Amarilla, Chama and the Salmon Indian Ruins (time permitting). The last day of the workshop will be an unforgettable adventure in the amazing Bisti Badlands with the added potential of seeing wild horses, and finally the towering monolith of Shiprock.

For large format film photographers, Fred Newman would like to offer a copy of the BTZS Learning Special and one free BTZS Film Test (participant supplies the film for testing and pays for shipping). Also if any photographers want to learn about digital infrared photography prior to the workshop, Fred would be glad to give guidance and information. From Zone System and BTZS systems to Infrared and evening Milky Way star photography, Lynn and Fred will offer any guidance you desire.

Contrast masking (for photographers shooting film) will be discussed as well as other traditional developing/printing methods such as Zone System and BTZS. Digital photographers will enjoy the array of interesting software programs and techniques we may be demonstrating as well, including focus stacking for extreme depth of field and HDR for controlling extreme contrast. More importantly, the workshop flow will be largely determined by the needs and desires of the workshop participants, ensuring a very enjoyable experience for everyone.

Lynn will be handing out durable viewing cards (an aid in visualizing compositions) to those shooting large format film. He and Fred will be assisting attendees in obtaining the best exposures and white balance settings using RAW format for those photographers shooting digital, and zone system methods, BTZS methods, previsualization, exposure, development, view camera controls and selection of filters to those photographers shooting traditional large format. All participants will be given a discount code for products available at the View Camera Store (large format products) and ProgreyUSA (world class filters and filter holders).

Tag-alongs are not allowed on this workshop except for spouses. This workshop is limited to ten paid participants.

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