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My Best Holga Image...Ever!

By: Kit Frost


Aspengrove...taken while hiking in Colorado. I was with friends; which usually means that I do not spend the time to set up my view camera. The Holga is a perfect, light-weight, camera. This particular autumn day I was hiking and I noticed that I see in panoramics,which means I see in multiple views. I realized that the Holga could be used to create a series of multiple images depicting the act of walking through the landscape. In the past, I have made single photographs exploring the Landscape, and I still like to make photographs as single images on the Holga, as well as with my Nikons and Toyo-View. But the Holga sets me free in many ways. Aspengrove is an example of seeing near, far and in-between. The Holga can record for me my experiences, not just a single experience as my other cameras do. The act of seeing is not a 2-dimensional experience. Look over there, and there, and there.

When I advance the film on the Holga, the imagery blends in a beautiful way. I think the reason for this is the lack of a pressure plate. And the vignette along the edges of my favorite Holga (I own 6 Holgas) is perfect.

Aspengrove is my most popular and favorite Holga image. It is made up of 4 exposures on Provia 100F film. I slightly advanced the film after each exposure. The overlapping images take up about 3 frames on the roll of film. Because I do not own an enlarger big enough for the extended 120 frames, I scan the transparency and then print to the Epson 7600 with pigment inks.