Havana NUDE Photography Workshop

Havana Cuba

Cuba is not only an exotic destination, it has one-of-a-kind locations for nude photography. In this figure photography workshop, you will have the opportunity to create unique images inside neoclassic and art deco homes as well as crumbling concrete structures.

The Havana NUDE photography workshop is for photographers who would like to share time and ideas with a small group of like-minded photographers. All aspects of fine art figure photography, including posing and coaching, will be covered. Personal guidance will be given to photographers who have not previously worked with models.

Co-instructed by Steve Anchell and internationally exhibited Cuban photographer, Leysis, there will be six, three-hour photography sessions during the week. Sessions will take place in private homes and other locations, including a swimming pool. There will be an evening review of digital capture from each day's session (though film is welcome, it will not be possible to review film capture). There will also be at least one life drawing session held during the workshop.

By limiting this workshop to eight participants, with four models, each photographer will be able to spend more time working one-on-one with models. It will also be possible to use locations not accessible to larger groups. Emphasis will be placed upon developing and refining personal style and vision.

While you don’t need experience photographing the nude, photographers who have not previously attended a workshop with Steve must obtain permission to participate. If you are not certain if you qualify, please contact Steve, 503.884.3882 or email info@anchellworkshops.com.

All camera formats are welcome, including large-format. Digital, film, color or black & white.

A special companion rate is available for photographers who wish to travel with a companion (shared room only). Each participant or couple will have a private room and bath in a classic Cuban casa.

For more information visit: http://anchellworkshops.com or call 503.884.3882.

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