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DASS Art Printmaking Products

  • DASS ART SuperSauce Concentrate

    Used with isopropyl alcohol to make SuperSauce Solution.  You can use the solution to move pigment inkjet prints from DASS ART transfer films to a variety of substrates.  Mix with 91% isopropyl alcohol to make the SuperSauce Solution, in small batches. Use undiluted as a primer for some transfer processes. (Comes in Glossy, White, and Matte). For use with all substrates.

  • DASS ART WonderSauce Clear

    A ready-to-use solution and is an alcohol free transfer medium that is complimentary to SuperSauce Solution – some processes work best with WonderSauce, some with SuperSauce, and some with both. Use undiluted. (Comes in White and Clear). Best for non-porous substrates. Safer for use in schools.

  • DASS Classic Transfer Film

    A clear film used to transfer water-soluble pigment ink inkjet prints, using a transfer medium such as DASS ART SuperSauce to a wide variety of substrates. Suitable for the following processes and more:

    • SuperSauce Wood Transfers
    • SuperSauce Aluminum Transfer
    • SuperSauce Dibond Transfer
    • SuperSauce Paper Transfers
    • SuperSauce Plastic Transfers
    • Alcohol Gel (Hand Sanitizer) Transfer

  • DASS Premium Transfer Film

    A clear film used to transfer water-soluble pigment ink inkjet prints, using a transfer medium such as Alcohol Gel, DASS ART WonderSauce to a variety of substrates. It has a thicker inkjet coating which makes transferring pigment to nonporous easier. It is also provides excellent results for transfers to absorbent surfaces. Suitable for the following processes:

    • Alcohol Gel Transfer
    • WonderSauce Aluminum Transfer
    • WonderSauce Glass Transfer
    • WonderSauce Plexi Transfer
    • WonderSauce Medex Transfer
    • WonderSauce Dibond Transfer
    • WonderSauce to Yupo and Stone Paper

  • DASS Universal Precoat II

    A liquid inkjet emulsion used in order to print on challenging surfaces. This product is used for preparing porous and non-porous surfaces (e.g. paper, metal, acrylic paint) to receive inkjet pigment.  It is water clear and can be used on various surfaces for direct printing or as a surface prep to receive transfer sauces. Allow to dry overnight before printing.

    Also used to create decals/skins when using the DASS Art Carrier Sheets. Easy to spread with DASS Coating Bars.