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© Ted Orland - Meteor
© Ted Orland

The Gallery at the Creative Center for Photography Proudly Presents...

Ted Orland


A collection of Black & White Silver Gelatin, Chromogenic and Inkjet creations

January 19th, 2012 - April 5th, 2012

"What could be more important for any of us than to make work that matters to us, work so important that we give up other things in our life to do it?"

-The View from the Studio Door by Ted Orland

Acclaimed photographer Ted Orland is more than just an artist, he is a philosopher. He is concerned with the big questions: "How do we make sense of the world? What are we doing when we make art? And for that matter, what is Art?" Mr. Orland has explored these questions throughout his life in his art and his books, The View from the Studio Door and Art and Fear (with co-author David Bayles).

Ted Orland started his artistic career as a graphic artist for designer Charles Eames. He quickly discovered that he sought an art form with more permanence, since many of his pieces were for one-time events. His first photo class was under the master himself, Ansel Adams. He found that photography suited him and continued forward as Adams' assistant and then workshop instructor. Many of Orland's early images were large format landscapes but he soon recognized that he "simply didn't lead a fine-grained life." His art evolved as he found a way to link his life to his art by picking up a Holga. He continues his work in Santa Cruz, where he resides, employing film and other media to realize his vision.

Thursday, January 19th, 2012 – 5:30 to 8:00 PM

The Gallery at the Creative Center for Photography
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