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Kit Frost

Kit Frost

Member, Freestyle Advisory Board of Photographic Professionals


Kit Frost, is the Photographer and Director of Chase the Light Photography based in Durango Colorado. Before moving to the Southwest, Kit taught photography for 20 years in New Jersey. Her business combines teaching and travel. Kit's passion is the landscape, particularly the quiet landscape, wilderness areas and endangered lands of the desert southwest. Her use of the Holga Plastic camera shows an amazing mix of classic landscape and multiple imagery. Ms. Frost teaches at the Maine Photographic Workshops and in her Studio in Durango Colorado. An avid outdoor photographer, Kit is known for taking her students on photo adventures in the Southwestern USA. Kit's favorite tool for expression varies from the Holga Plastic Camera to her Toyo View Camera. A Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation Fellow, Kit completed a year of travel for portraits in the book "A Passion for Teaching" , published as an inspiration for and to honor veteran school teachers.


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Dear Michael, I love photographing in black & white, color, infrared, the Holga, 4x5, 35 mm. I love it all. I'm not sure how to become well known, I am sure how to love what I do. Just do it and don't even think of the fame. Think of the life you will have; doing what you love.