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Remote Inkjet Paper Psychotherapy Session

Model: 999429
Manufacturer: Freestyle

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NEW! Special Stay At Home Price of $99. Usually $199.99.

"What paper should I use?” Is one of the most common questions in digital photography today.  The answer is whatever paper looks good to you and reflects your unique artistic signature. “But how do I know what paper that is when there are hundreds of papers on the market and they all say they are “THE BEST”?” Don’t worry. We can help.

For the past 8 years our famous Inkjet Paper Psychotherapy Sessions have helped hundreds of photographers and photographic artists decide which paper is right for them.  We have traditionally conducted these sessions on-site, in our Hollywood retail store and have now extended this service to the entire country!

"Seeing your image printed on a variety of papers, printed all on the same printer, and with custom printer/paper profiles created by Freestyle Photo & Imaging Supplies is the only way to really experience the full measure of what your image will look like on these different papers. It is the only way to truly make an informed decision on what paper to use." - Eric Joseph

Once you place your order, Eric Joseph, our resident inkjet printing educator and consultant will reach out to you and schedule your initial consultation via phone or video chat.  You and Eric will discuss papers and aesthetics you’ve traditionally liked and haven’t liked in the past and based on that history will make recommendations as to what papers you might enjoy based on his experience working with photographers from all over the world.  These recommendations could be similar to what you like, but more importantly he might just suggest some others, so you can see a variety of possibilities.  He will certainly include some specific requests if you have any based-on product availability.


  • Up to 8 sample prints on 8.5x11 US letter size paper
  • All prints are printed on either Canon imagePROGRAF Pro-4100, Canon Pro-1000 or Epson SureColor P900
  • All prints will be printed with custom paper profiles created by Freestyle Photo & Imaging Supplies
  • Sample prints can be created only on papers Freestyle Photo & Imaging Supplies offers from the following brands:
    • Arista-II, Awagami, Canson-Infinity, Epson, Hahnemühle, Ilford, Innova, Moab

You will transmit a digital file to Eric formatted as a flattened, Adobe RGB (1998), 300 ppi, TIFF - sized to an appropriate size to print on 8.5x11 paper  (usually we want them 9.4 inches on the long side). Don’t worry, Eric will give you directions on how to send files to him based on what programs and resources you have available. When the prints are completed they will be shipped directly to you. Please select your delivery address and FedEx Ground for the least expensive shipping charge.

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