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Lomography LomoChrome Mistaken Identity - Metropolis/Purple XR 100-400 ISO 120 Size

Model: 95012099
Manufacturer: Lomographic Society

This item is no longer manufactured.

Variety is the spice of life! This package contains either a roll of LomoChrome Metropolis or LomoChrome Purple (with Metropolis flashings).

Lomography's LomoChrome line of films have amazed and surprised photographers for years. Their surreal colors and wide range of ISO lets the imagination run wild. Now, Lomography is offering a mispacked/misproduced version of this film - they were unable to tell which film was inside - so we can all enjoy a little more SURPRISE in our lives!

Rendering colors reminiscent of infrared film, Lomography's LomoChrome Purple XR 100-400 is a unique negative film designed to produce false colors with an overall purple hue. This ISO 400-speed film responds well to overexposure by up to 2 stops, which can be used to control the amount of color shifting within the scene. Beyond the surreal color effects this film provides, it is also contextualized by high saturation, fine grain, and notable sharpness.

LomoChrome Metropolis comes with a unique chemical formula specifically developed in the Lomography film factory, which desaturates colors, mutes tones, and makes contrasts pop. Metropolis is built for exploring the urban jungle in all of its grit and beauty. Take your adventures to greater heights than ever before with a unique extended 100-400 ISO range and fine movie style grain structure. Change sensitivity mid-roll  as your walk into the urban abyss below, while remaining compatible with the classic C41 process. LomoChrome Metropolis revels in mischief, confusion, love and conflict. True to its name, LomoChrome Metropolis was built to serve as the foundation for the future of film photography.

Develop With Ease

Designed for the universal C-41 process, LomoChrome films can easily be developed at home or in nearly any photo lab. Regardless of what ISO you choose, the development process remains the same.


  • Surreal Color Negative Film
  • ISO 400/27° in C-41 Process
  • Can Be Overexposed by 2 Stops
  • Exposure Directly Affects Color Response
  • High Sharpness and Fine Grain
  • 120 size


Film Size 120
Speed (ISO) 100-400 ISO