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QWD Kodak Vision3 5213 200T 35mm x 24 exp.

Model: 9122004
Manufacturer: QWD

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WARNING: This film has a remjet layer that MUST BE REMOVED using an ECN-2 kit, or an ECN-2 Pre-Bath with C-41 chemicals.

Quiet Were Dreaming aka QWD Lab was started as a way to use motion picture film in a still camera to scout for motion-based projects. They are directors, cinematographers, and producers who (after years of trial and error, late nights and hard work) figured out how to process ECN-2 on a small scale. They wanted to share that knowledge and now directors and cinematographers around the world use this as a part of their tool kit. Keeping film alive is important to them. The right colors are important to them. Real chems. Real colors. Real people. - QWD Laboratories, uncomplicating ECN-2 since 2018.

Silky smooth. Quiet and confident. Tungsten Balanced - 3200K.

Kodak Vision3 5213 200T (rolled by QWD) is the hidden gem of motion stock. While it doesn't get the spotlight that 5219 gets, this is the go-to for many DPs who are looking for a super clean look in a Tungsten balanced stock. With a tight grain structure and those T stock looks, this is always on point. This stock is reserved. It doesn’t see use everyday but when it does, it knows exactly why its there and what to do.  

Quiet and mysterious. Lowkey in the back of the room and doesn’t say much but when it does it’s with purpose and everyone listens. This stock has something to say.

Film Size 35mm
Speed (ISO) 200 ISO
Roll Length 24 Exposure

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