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QWD ECN-2 Home Processing Kit to make 1 Liter

Model: 9120002
Manufacturer: QWD

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Quiet We're Dreaming aka QWD Lab was started as a way to use motion picture film in a still camera to scout for motion-based projects. They are directors, cinematographers, and producers who (after years of trial and error, late nights and hard work) figured out how to process ECN-2 on a small scale. They wanted to share that knowledge and now directors and cinematographers around the world use this as a part of their tool kit. Keeping film alive is important to them. The right colors are important to them. Real chems. Real colors. Real people. - QWD Laboratories, uncomplicating ECN-2 since 2018.

ECN-2 processing on a small scale!

With the QWD Laboratories ECN-2 Home Processing Kit (QWD-ECN2-1000ml), they put the power of processing cinema films in your hands. Rated for appx 15 rolls and suited for any ECN-2 process film - from the freshest of fresh with Vision3 or some of that dated Fuji Eterna you have tucked away. Now you can process any motion stock on your schedule - the proper way!

Used by DPs and Directors in Hollywood and around the world, this kit has established itself as the go-to for anyone who takes their colors seriously. Whether you are using this for a tech scout and storyboards or you are just trying to understand that amazing latitude of motion stock you keep hearing about, this kit has you covered. 

With a 4 step process and a workflow just like C-41, you can use this kit with all of your existing gear. 

From beginning to end, this kit is designed around you. From waterproof processing instructions to easy to follow color-coded mixing, it takes you from removing remjet the right way, all the way to hanging your negatives to dry. 

For more technical information check us out at www.qwdlab.com/faq

Included (all powder concentrates unless otherwise noted):

  • Pre-Bath
  • Developer A
  • Developer B
  • Bleach
  • Fixer A (liquid)
  • Fixer B
  • Waterproof Instructions


Who is this kit for?

Anyone who takes motion stock seriously. A good percentage of people who use this kit are DPs and directors who use this for scouts or storyboards. We have seen an increasing number of people use this kit to learn more about motion stock before they go out and shoot hundreds or thousands of feet of film. That's why we started doing this. We wanted to shoot motion stock though a still camera for storyboards but when we processed in C-41, nothing actually looked like what it should. This kit is for people who need the correct colors.

What is ECN-2 and why should I be using it?

If you shoot on motion stock, especially to learn more about the dynamic range of motion picture film for real world applications like tech scouts, ECN-2 makes all the difference as it is the proper chemical process for motion picture film.

C-41 based film is meant for printing which means that halides are larger and as a result the chemistry used to process to get the proper colors has to be compatible.

ECN-2 film is meant for motion pictures. Movies. Because this film is meant to be displayed at a much larger size than C-41 or print film, halides in these stocks is much finer to get that movie look.

Its all about matching the right dye couplers up with the right size halides. When you cross C-41 with motion stock, what you get is color shifts usually toward blue and the opposite of what makes motion stock great. You are mismatching halides and couplers. You are putting a square peg in a round hole.

What happens is you loose those shadows and highlights and the dynamic range that motion picture film is know for. Outside of a few films (Blackhawk Down?) that used a c-41 cross process for parts of a film to get a very muddy, blue look, 99.9% of movies or television shows shot on film use an ECN-2 process.

What stocks can this kit be used with?

Anything that is ECN-2 process. That's what makes this great. If you want to shoot say Vision2 100T, go for it. If you’re anything like us you like the older stocks. This kit allows you to shoot anything from the freshest of the fresh to that can of vintage you scored that you have been holding onto for a rainy day.

How do you deal with remjet?

Easy peasy. Because this is real deal ECN-2, the pre-bath step softens and removes remjet with just a few rinses. We do recommend giving your film a quick wipe at the end before you hand your negatives to dry but the amount of work involved is very much so the same as C-41.

How much film does this kit process?

We rate this kit at 15 rolls of film. There are some factors that help this kit reach that level which is making sure your film is thoroughly rinsed between each step and limiting how much oxygen is in the bottle when stored. Apples to apples, this has about the same shelf like and capacity as a standard C-41 kit.

How many steps are in this kit?

This is a 4 step process. We do recommend the use of a sous vide or temperature controlled bath for certain steps. Because the wide range of temps for most of the steps you can hold them all between 80-100F. The developer which is the most temp critical should be held in a temp controlled bath at a constant 106F. During agitation, remove from water bath, agitate and return to water bath to keep the chemistry at a constant temp.

  • Pre Bath - :10 @ 80F
  • Developer - 3:00 @ 106F
  • Bleach - 3:00 @ 80-100F
  • Fixer - 2:00 @ 80-100F

Does this film come out flat or need to be scanned differently?

Def not. Scan this film like you would anything else. If you would like to scan your film on a motion scanner with a .dpx flat pass, heck yeah. If you want to use your DSLR or flatbed, you will get killer results. This film and kit allow you to maintain the integrity of motion picture film giving you the right colors and the right size grain so that you don't have to compromise.


**NOTE: This kit does NOT include STOP BATH. To make stop bath, mix 250ml of white vinegar to 750ml of water. The stop bath process is between the developer and the bleach.**


Chemical Type Movie Film ECN-2
Liquid/Powder Powder
Material Safety Data SheetQWD ECN-2 Home Processing Kit SDS

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