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CatLABS X Film ISO 80 8x10/25 Sheets

Model: 902810
Manufacturer: CatLABS

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CatLABS X Film 80 is a traditional, slow-speed, fine-grain, high silver content film, designed for a wide array of shooting conditions. Following in the footsteps of Kodak's famous 'Panatomic-X' (which was used in Polaroid's equally famous Type 55 film), CatLABS X Film 80 brings back a classic touch with its unique look. It is an ideal “daylight” film, offering versatility and unique characteristics not found in any other currently made film on the market today.


  • Characterized by its very fine grain, moderate contrast and deep tonal range
  • Exhibits a wide exposure latitude under various lighting conditions, and extreme flexibility in processing options
  • Rate it at 50 ISO when shooting indoors (under studio lighting) for extreme fine-grain, or push it as high as 800 when shooting in low light conditions
  • For convenience, expose as 100 or 80 ISO for similar results

Processing Instructions (at 20° C):

D-76 / ID-11:

ISO 80
• Stock- 9:30 min 
• 1+1 - 15 min

ISO 320
• Stock - 15 min

ISO 800
• 1+1 - 21 min (results unpredictable)


ISO 50
• 1+25 - 6:30 min

ISO 80
• 1+25 - 10 min

ISO 80
• 1+50 - 15 min

ISO 80 (other developers):

Pyrocat HD
• 1+1+50 - 7:00 min

HC-110 (Dilution B)
• 1+31 - 8:45 min

• 1+1 - 10:30 min

Tmax Dev
• 1+4 - 6:40 min


Film Size 8x10
Speed (ISO) 80 ISO