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Kodak TMAX 400 ISO 120 Size TMY (Single Roll Unboxed)

Model: 88514791
Manufacturer: Kodak

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Single Unboxed Rolls, Film Labeled with Expiration Date Batch Number.

Kodak Professional T-Max 400 is a high-speed, medium grain black and white film suitable for sports/action and lower light situations. It is the sharpest 400-speed black and white film in the world, in addition to being the finest-grained.

T-Max 400 film has a high efficiency, multi-zone T-Grain emulsions, raises the bar for 400 speed black and white film performance. T-Max 400 has fine grain, high sharpness and delivers a level of clarity previously only achievable from a 100-speed film.


  • Traditional black and white film
  • 120 Medium Format Film
  • Sharp, fine-grained 400-speed B&W film
  • Additional speed for low light and fast action
  • Can be Pushed up to 1600 ISO


Film Size 120
Speed (ISO) 400 ISO

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