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Kodak Polymax RT Developer / Replenisher makes 25 Liters (2-Pack)

Model: 8250425
Manufacturer: Kodak

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Kodak POLYMAX RT Developer and Replenisher is a concentrate, used to make black and white paper developer.

It is ideal for continuous processing of cold tone papers, both resin coated and fiber based, and is recommended for use with the Kodak POLYMAX IR Paper Processor or other roller-transport or continuous processors. Since it does not require a developer starter, it helps to keep processing equipment clean and it is also suitable for use as a tank solution. Additionally, it can be used as a replenisher for existing, mixed developing solutions.


  • 2, 5L bottles to make 25L of working solution, each (50L total)
  • Ideal For RC or FB B&W Cold Tone Papers
  • For Roller-Transport Processors
  • Does Not Require Developer Starter
  • Can Be Used as Developer Replenisher


PDF ManualKodak Polymax T Developer
Material Safety Data SheetKodak Polymax T Developer