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Cinestill Cs41 C-41 Color Stablizer Final Rinse - 2 oz.

Model: 800365
Manufacturer: CineStill

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Approx. delivery date from vendor: Oct 30, 2020

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The "stabilizer baths" found in many modern C-41 color developing kits, including The Cinestill Cs41 C-41 liquid kit, contain a surfactant (to prevent water from drying on the film and leaving spots if the water is hard) and Hexamine or Miconazole (mild anti-fungal agents). Neither of these is necessary for the stabilization of the dyes or hardening emulsion. But it's not a bad idea to use a final rinse bath that may be included in a C41 kit if you have hard water, or if film will be stored in a humid environment in order to prevent organisms from growing in your emulsion, since processed color film does not contain silver (naturally anti-microbial).