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Cinestill D96 BW Motion Picture Developer Powder - 1 Liter

Model: 800349
Manufacturer: CineStill

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Cinestill's  D96 BW Motion Picture Developer Powder is sophisticated developing with motion picture quality. The D96 formula is trusted by cinematographers and motion picture labs due its dynamic S-curve contrast and forgiving highlight control. For the first time ever, available in accessible powder format!

The formula develops 16 rolls or 100ft of 16/35mm film. Just add water! Makes 1 liter of reusable stock solution or 2 liters of 1+1 single-use dilution developer for the traditional 2-bath BW process.

The D96 formula is the specified developer for classic BW motion picture stocks such as BwXX (Double-X), Ferrania P30, Lomography (Orwo), etc... It also works great with modern T-grain films in addition to traditional film stocks. Processing times for D96 should start around 6-8 min. Finish processing your film in under ten minutes when you also use the Cinestill F96 Rapid Fixer Powder. 


Liquid/Powder Powder
Chemical Type BW Film Developer

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