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Alternative Photographic Processes 2nd Edition by Christopher James

Model: 8000
Manufacturer: Misc

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Photographic artists and students of alternative process photography will welcome this new edition of Christopher James' The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes. This significantly expanded edition is a full-color, lavishly illustrated, comprehensive resource that explores every aspect of alternative process image making. With his highly conversational writing style, James explores the techniques, processes, idiosyncrasies, history, and cultural connections that are such a significant part of the genre.

Best of all, Christopher makes it extremely accessible, providing clear instructions and practical workflow advice. The book delves into a vast menu of alternative and traditional options, among them: calotype, salted paper, cyanotype, argyrotype, chrysotype, POP, kallitype, ambrotype/wet collodion, Van Dyke, platinum/palladium, Ziatype, gelatin dry plate emulsions, carbon, gum bichromate, albumen, hand-applied emulsions, paper, alternative imaging systems, and digital negative production for alternative process image making. This book has become the unanimous standard reference text for alternative process photography, one that students love to read and work from. Not only does this definitive work make the most complex ideas easy to understand, it is conversational, comfortable, inspirational, and fun to read- a tremendous resource and a treasure trove of alternative process images. "If I could only have one photography book this would be it." -Timothy Whelan, Photographic Books.


  • Over 400 illustrations offer examples of rarely seen historical images and contemporary work from professional artists such as Sally Mann, Michael Kenna, Chuck Close, Anselm Keifer, Luis Gonzalez Palma, David Hockney, the author himself, and more.
  • Student artwork from all ability levels is featured throughout, providing readers with motivation and inspiration.
  • Clear instructions and detailed workflow processes make this an accessible, practical resource.
  • Appendices such as Chemistry and Safety, Conversion Tables, an Alternative Process Shopping List, Extensive Bibliography, and Resources provide a well-rounded introduction to the topic and opportunities for further exploration.
  • An e-resource features Keynote/Powerpoint presentations, an image library, and table and sink set-ups so that teachers can spend less time preparing to teach and more time where their students need them- teaching.
  • Examines the history and techniques including: lensless cameras, calotype, salted paper, anthotype, cyanotype, argyrotype, chrysotype, POP, kallitype, ambrotype, wet collodion & gelatin dry plate emulsions, Van Dyke, platinum / palladium, Ziatype, carbon, gum bichromate, albumen, alternative paper, alternative emulsions & imaging systems, and digital negative workflows.
  • An extraordinary and abundant visual resource featuring historical and contemporary images from renowned artists and students.
  • Complete table and sink set-ups for all alternative processes.
  • Extensive appendices including: chemistry and safety, resources, supply lists, conversion tables and historical & contemporary bibliographies.

Softback, 600 pages
ISBN: 9781418073725