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Kodak VISION3 500T Movie Film 35mm 36 exp. (produced by BPS)

Model: 7780500
Manufacturer: Kodak

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Benjamin Poulton Studios (BPS) takes Kodak's line of VISION3 film and chemicals and re-packages them for use by still photographers. VISION3 films contain a Remjet (anti-halation) layer that must be removed, via the ECN-2 Prebath, prior to processing in other ECN-2 chemicals, or with any standard C-41 process.

Kodak VISION3 500T Film is a Tungsten Balanced camera film that gives noticeably reduced grain in shadows, so you can push the boundaries of exposure further and still get excellent results. In low-light scenes, VISION3 500T Film yields higher signal-to-noise ratios for unprecedented image quality. Its extended highlight latitude gives you greater flexibility when lighting extreme situations, and lets you pull even more detail out of highlights.

Manufactured by Kodak. Produced by BPS.

This film is rolled from cinematic film reels into 35mm cartridges. They are non-DX coded and require special handling when processed.

There is no warranty from Kodak.


  • 35mm
  • 36 exposures
  • 500 ISO
  • Tungsten Balanced
  • Wide Latitude
  • Has a Remjet layer that needs removed (using an ECN-2 Prebath is recommended)

Film Size 35mm
Speed (ISO) 500 ISO
Roll Length 36 Exposure

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