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Kodak ECN-2 Prebath/Replenisher 480ml (produced by BPS)

Model: 7780001
Manufacturer: Kodak

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Benjamin Poulton Studios (BPS) takes Kodak's line of VISION3 film and chemicals and re-packages them for use by still photographers. VISION3 films contain a Remjet (anti-halation) layer that must be removed, via the ECN-2 Prebath, prior to processing in other ECN-2 chemicals, or with any standard C-41 process.

Kodak ECN-2 Prebath/Replenisher 480ml is designed to remove the anti-halation layer (Remjet) found on color negative movie film, such as Kodak Vision3 films. Optimal for use with ECN-2 process, but it also works in conjunction with C-41 chemicals - adding only a 30 second prebath and a rinse to the process. After the prebath, some of the stock solution is used to replenish the working solution.

Manufactured by Kodak. Produced by BPS.

This chemical has been repackaged from its original form. There is no warranty from Kodak.


  • 480ml
  • Makes 1L working solution + 600ml of replenisher
  • Uses 15ml of replenisher, for each roll processed
  • Removes Remjet layer on 20-40 rolls of film (depending on storage/replenishment)
  • For optimal results, use working solution within 8 weeks of mixing


Chemical Type Color Film C-41
Liquid/Powder Liquid
Product InstructionsECN-2 Pre-Bath Instructions
Material Safety Data SheetKodak ECN-2 Prebath SDS

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