Quantum Battery 1 Compact Battery

Model: 72721
Manufacturer: Quantum

This item is no longer available.
Quantum Power for your Digital Camera

Extra operating time

Slim, convenient case

"Fuel gauge" readout of remaining Battery Power

* Extra power is essential for your biggest shoots and for extended work in the field. Connect a Quantum Battery to your Digital Camera and get "power security".

* Each Quantum Battery connects to the camera using one of our convenient coiled cords, listed in the chart below. The Quantum packs clip to your belt or can be worn over the shoulder using any common camera strap. Our QB1c pack is also designed to mount under your camera.

* The LED "fuel gauge" gives you visual oversight of the remaining battery capacity - no surprises, no missed shots. And Quantum Batteries supply dependable power for extreme temperature climates.

* Power comes from reliable cells which exhibit none of the "memory" effects of some other types of batteries. Simply charge your Quantum to full capacity, reliably at any time.

Typically a Quantum Battery will supply about 5 times the power of alkaline AA batteries. While performance varies according to actual operation.

Quantum Batteries are supplied with chargers.

Size: 5 x 2.25 x 1.625 inches
Weight: 12 oz.

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