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Foma Fomatoner Indigo 2x250 ml to make up to 2 Liters Past Date Special

Model: 722031
Manufacturer: Foma

This item is no longer available.

Past Date Special, Toner Expiration 02/2019, Original Retail $13.99

Fomatoner Indigo Blue is liquid concentrate to prepare one-bath toner, designed for toning both freshly processed and older black and white photographs into a blue image tone. The intensity of resulting colour depends on dilution, temperature and toning time. The concentrate is available in 2 bottles of 250 ml, and for use is diluted with water in a ratio from 1:1 to 1:4 , according to the image tone required.



  • Indigo Blue Toner
  • Liquid
  • Dilue 1:1 to 1:4, according to the image tone required
  • Makes up to 2 Liters 



Chemical Type Toners