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Foma Fomacitro Stop Bath - 250 ml

Model: 72202
Manufacturer: Foma

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Foma Fomacitro is a liquid concentrate of a citric acid based stop bath, a recommendable complement in processing of negative/positive black and white photo materials, both for amateur and professional use. Fomacitro is completely odorless. A color change of stop bath working solution from yellow-orange to blue-green signals that the bath is exhausted and should be changed for a fresh one.


  • Citric acid based stop bath
  • Liquid
  • Dilute 1:19 (Makes 5 Liters)
  • Stopping time is 10 - 20 seconds film and RC papers, 30 seconds for fiber-base papers
Chemical Type Stop Bath
Liquid/Powder Liquid
Product InstructionsFoma Fomacitro Stop Bath
Material Safety Data SheetFoma Fomacitro Stop Bath