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Rollei Black and White Single Use Camera - 400 ISO 35mm x 27 exp. // Past Date Special

Model: 70663841
Manufacturer: Rollei

This item is no longer manufactured.

Past Date Special. Film Expiration Date: 3/2016Originally $16.99.

The Rollei Black and White Assignment camera is ideal for students of all ages. This single-use camera has true black and white ISO 400 film, a high-quality lens and built-in flash for exceptional black and white images. This is the first single-use camera from Rollei that you can process in standard black and white chemicals.


  • Single Use Cameras with traditional black and white film
  • ISO 400
  • Develop in standard black and white chemicals,
  • Recommended developer is D-76 or Arista 76 (stock) 10 minutes @ 68F


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