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DubbleFilm Moonstruck 200 ISO 35mm x 24 exp.

Model: 700435
Manufacturer: DubbleFilm

This item is no longer manufactured.

DubbleFilm Moonstruck is a colour 35mm film with added tone that produces a unique image quality. Results will vary depending on shooting conditions but expect something truly surprising every time.

 A completely unique product. Each roll has been created using the newest invention by KONO! A hybrid device called the Reanimator linking the digital to the analogue world on photographic films.


  • Traditional Color Negative Film (C-41)
  • 35mm x 24 exposures
  • Medium Speed ISO 200
  • Any mini-lab will be able to process and scan 
Film Size 35mm
Speed (ISO) 200 ISO
Roll Length 24 Exposure

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