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Foma Fomatol P (W14) Powder Paper Developer to Make 2.5 Liters

Model: 70024
Manufacturer: Foma

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Foma Fomatol P (W14) is a two-component, phenidone-hydroquinone, type, one-bath, neutral-tone, universal black and white paper developer in powder form.

One pack of developer will process up to 3.75 (70 - 8x10 sheets) and 7.5 square meters (140 - 8x10 sheets) of fiber-base or resin-coated paper respectively.

Yields results similar to Kodak Dektol

Chemical Type BW Paper Developer
Liquid/Powder Powder
Material Safety Data SheetFomatol P W14 Film Developer
TechnicalFoma Paper Developers

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