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Foma Fomadon Excel (W27) Powder (Ascorbic Acid) Film Developer to Make 1 Liter

Model: 70022
Manufacturer: Foma

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Foma Fomadon Excel (W27) is a two-component, powder, black and white negative developer of the most modern formulation, featuring high stability and tolerance of temperature fluctuations.

It yields negatives of accurate film speed, fine grain, excellent sharpness, improved resolving power and strong drawing of lights and shadows.

The developer is designed for the manual processing of all sorts of perforated/roll/sheet negative black-and-white films.

Preparation of working solution
Dissolve the content of the smaller bag and then of the bigger bag in 700 ml of water (68 - 86 degrees fahrenheit) and after a complete dissolution fill up with water to the final volume of 1 liter.

Developing capacity
One package is sufficient to develop 12 rolls of film (135-36 or 120 size) or a corresponding amount of sheet films (up to 30 sheets 5x7 inches, etc.).

Special Tech Tip:  In order to achieve maximum yield Fomadon Excel can be reused up to 3 times or, for instance, you can develop 1 roll of film and pour the used developer back in to the unused solution.  You can do this up to 12 times.

Similar to Kodak Xtol (Ascorbic Acid) Film Developer
Contains no Hydroquinone (HQ)


Chemical Type BW Film Developer
Liquid/Powder Powder
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