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Foma Fomatol LQN Paper Developer - 250ml

Model: 700030
Manufacturer: Foma

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Foam Fomatol LQN is a universal paper developer for RC and fiber-based papers. Fomatol LQN delivers warm black image tones and is especially suitable for Fomaspeed and Fomabrom. The developer can be used both in trays or in machine processing.


  • Manual processing dilution is 1:7, develops 30-8x10 paper
  • Machine processing dilution is 1:4
  • Makes up to 2 liters 
  • Recommended replenishment rate for the automatic processing: 200 ml of ready-to-use developer (dilution 1:4) per 1 square meter of photo paper
  • Developing Times: Fiber- Base Paper = 90 seconds - 2 minutes,  Resin-coated Paper = 60 - 90 seconds, Warmtone RC and Fiber Paper = 1 - 3 minutes
  • Similar to Kodak Polymax T Developer
Chemical Type BW Paper Developer
Material Safety Data SheetFomatol LQN Paper Developer
TechnicalFoma Paper Developers

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