Beseler 67XLC Condenser Enlarger

Model: 6782
Manufacturer: Beseler

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The 67XLC shares the same high quality of Beseler's 67XLD, but with a condenser head instead of a dichro one. The tall single support column utilizes the same twin channel design found in the XLD and the 45V-XL, delivering solid support even at the highest of elevations (prints up to 16" x 20" are possible with a 50mm lens). The XLC's built-in swivel enables you to rotate the head, to make even larger prints through wall projection. The 67XLC's features include rack-and-pinion elevation control which locks down into place, both right- and left-handed focusing controls, an elevation reference scale, a below-the-lens filter holder, and a white laminated XL baseboard.
Enlarger Type B&W Condensor

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