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Rollei Blackbird 100 ISO BW Film
35mm x 36 exp.

Model: 66031
Manufacturer: Rollei

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From Rollei’s Creative Edition of films comes the Blackbird 100 ISO black and white film. Blackbird film has great contrast, deep midtones and rich blacks. It can be exposed at 25 ISO up to 100 ISO. The emulsion is coated onto a transparent synthetic base providing excellent long-term and dimensional stability.


  • Shot at 25 ISO: process in D-76 stock at 6 min. at 68°F
  • Shot at 100 ISO: process in D-76 stock at 10 min. at 68°F


  • Traditional Black and White film
  • 25-100 ISO


Film Size 35mm
Speed (ISO) 100 ISO
Roll Length 36 Exposure