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Marathon Bulk Liquid - Indicating Stop Bath 5 Gallon/20 liter (makes 50 Gallon/200 liters)

Model: 627337
Manufacturer: Marathon

Drop Shipment Only
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Freestyle’s exclusive Marathon Chemicals are the answer to high-quality, low-cost bulk B&W chemicals for large school or photo lab darkrooms.

Marathon Indicating Stop Bath is used in processing Black & White photographic film and paper. It is used after the developer, to stop the development, prior to fixing and wash steps.

A premium bulk chemical, it has been tested and used by educators from all over the U.S. Acetic Acid stop baths stop development almost instantly and provide more control than a water bath. Water baths require more time to successfully stop development, so use of stop bath speeds up processing workflows. It also preserves the strength of the fixer by neutralizing the developer completely, before the fixer step.

Generally supplied with a sour odor, Marathon Indicating Stop Bath is odorized with a vanilla scent. This stop bath will also change color (to purple) when it is exhausted.

Economical 1:9 dilutions for all chemicals make for simple dispensing to students. Optional spigot available, for easy distribution to students (item #0310090).

Orders are drop shipped from the manufacturer. The cart may not reflect true freight cost. Marathon items are shipped separately from other items you put on order. Freestyle will contact customers to confirm freight costs, prior to completion of the transaction.

Shipping to the Continental U.S.:

  • 1-4 Marathon 5 Gallon Chemical items - $69.00 each
  • 5+ Marathon 5 Gallon Chemical Items - $30.00 each
Chemical Type Stop Bath
Liquid/Powder Liquid
Material Safety Data SheetMarathon Stop Bath