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Legacypro Focuser 10x Grain Focuser

Model: 620210
Manufacturer: LegacyPro

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The Legacypro Focuser 10x is a grain focuser, for use when using an enlarger to make photographic prints. When used with a properly aligned enlarger, a grain focuser aids the ability of the printer to achieve the sharpest image possible.

This focuser is made of a solid aluminum alloy, allowing for steady placement during measurements and an extended longevity over plastic counterparts. Its crystal clear mirror reflects as much light as possible to make focusing easier. It is painted with a textured paint to make for easy grasping in the darkroom. The focusing lens is adjustable, much like the diopter on many cameras' viewfinders - the Legacypro focuser makes sure things look focused to YOU!


  • Aluminum body
  • Crystal clear mirror
  • Adjustable focus
  • 10x magnification lens


Material Safety Data SheetLegacypro Focuser 10x Instructions