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Solarcan Colors Pinhole Camera - 3 Pack

Model: 600200
Manufacturer: Solarcan

In Stock

Solarcan is a unique camera designed to produce extreme time exposures that capture the sun's path through the sky over many months.

Once set up, the Solarcan will capture the Sun's path as it traverses across the sky. Every day the Sun will rise slightly higher or lower depending on the season and create a new path. Over weeks, months, or even years (depending on your patience), a beautiful image will begin to form inside the Solarcan.

Inside the Solarcan is a 5x7" piece of silver gelatin darkroom paper. Once the black tab (pictured) is peeled away to reveal the pinhole lens, light can pass through. Over time, this will gradually scorch the path the sun is taking through the sky into the paper. Because the Solarcan is machine sealed, no liquid will pass through to damage the paper inside.

Once you've run out of patience (hopefully after several months) you simply remove the photographic paper from inside, scan or snap with a camera, and invert the colors to see your final image! 

Solarcan Colours takes the original concept and turbo-charges it! Redesigned with a cool new look and some adjustments inside, each of these three cans produce a different result! They've been given fancy individual names too...

  •  Atlantis:  Produces a cool blue finish
  •  Eldorado:  A warm, golden appearance with solarised halos
  •  Nebula:  A striking, duotone picture of the Sun and landscape

A complete set of instructions are included on the Solarcan body itself.


  • The Solarcan - Born from a love of photography, art & astronomy; Solarcan is a unique camera designed to produce extreme time exposures that capture the Sun’s path across the sky.
  • Ready to Use - Pre-loaded with photographic paper, Solarcan is a complete camera package with a precision drilled pinhole plus cover, instructions, fastenings, and a handy storage tube.
  • Capture your Landscape - Easy to install and with plenty of tips included on how to make the most of your Solarcan, capture truly unique images of the sun through your chosen landscape.


  • Maximum aperture f/132
  • Field of view 160°
  • Media: various
  • Lightweight
  • 2 x 500mm cable ties, per can
  • Cylinder box for safe keeping

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