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Lumu Power - Light & Color Meter for Smart Phones

Model: 58681
Manufacturer: Lumu

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Lumu Power is small, lightweight and the leading choice for every camera bag. Loved and used by industry professionals and amateur photographers alike. It’s a small device that packs a powerful punch. No need for a separate meter, when this tiny gadget and your iPhone can get the job done.

Fiercely intelligent and easy to use. The companion iOS app lets Lumu measure anything from color temperature to flash exposure. It even turns your phone into a spot meter.

The first light meter to roll 6 features into one:

  • Spot Metering
  • Photo - Ambient Light
  • Photo - Flash / Strobe
  • Cine - Video
  • Luminance
  • Color Temperature


Dome Side measures Ambient and Flash Exposure by using a fast, silicon photodiode. It takes 750,000 measurements per second. It can see light, when you think there's none.


Flat Side measures Luminance, Color Temperature and Chromaticity with a state-of-the art True Color sensor based on the color standard CIE 1931/DIN 5033.


Made from Stainless Steel and Polycarbonate, Lumu Power is able to withstand use and abuse of every outdoor explorer.


  • multiple points and calculates average value
  • flash duration in range 1/40.000s - 1/250s
  • flash vs. ambient ratio, accurate down to 1%
  • pinhole exposure with added automatic timer
  • exposure for cinematographers in FPS and Shutter Angle
  • showing Color Temperature Green vs. Magenta shift (Tint)
  • Luminance in lux or foot-candles
  • balancing multiple lights with color filters (libraries included: Rosco, Lee, Wratten, ...)

Compatible with all iOS devices using Lightning connector running iOS 8+

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