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The Experimental Photography Workbook 6th Edition
By Christina Anderson

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The Experimental Photography Workbook, 6th edition,  is a completely revised and updated version with the latest research and added full-color images throughout the text. It is the perfect short and sweet workbook to put play back into the analog black & white darkroom.

Inside you will find succinct how-to's on photograms, cliches verses, lumenprints, chemigrams, collage, photomontage, photo transfers, pinhole, zoneplate, holga, paper negatives, sabattier, chromoskedasic printing, painting with light, lith printing, liquid emulsion, modern tintype, mordancage, dye mordanting, bleach out, toning, applied color, abrasion tone, bromoil, encaustic, distressing film and other experimental processes.

Over one hundred photographers' works are peppered throughout the pages to illustrate all processes. The Workbook should be the perfect impetus to increased creativity for students and professionals alike.

Softcover, 264 pages
ISBN: 9780984681600