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Graphiclite PDV-2020e Professional Desktop Viewer with Dimmer 23.5x25.3

Model: 5622325
Manufacturer: Graphiclite

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Producing and printing high quality color is a complicated process that demands accuracy and consistency. Far too often, incorrect and inconsistent lighting and viewing conditions result in costly communication problems during the color reproduction process. To combat these problems, the industry has established a set of technical specifications defining tight tolerance D50 viewing conditions.

The international standard is ISO 3664:2009 entitled “Graphic technology and photography – Viewing conditions”. The standard specifies light quality, intensity, illuminating-viewing geometry, surround conditions, and evenness. All GTI Graphiclite color viewing systems conform to the ISO 3664:2009 standard. GTI’s color laboratory assures the accuracy and consistency of all Graphiclite products.

The e-series of PDV Professional Desktop Viewers uses the latest multi-voltage electronic ballasts with T8 Graphiclite lamps. Their design has been enhanced to provide increased efficiency at a lower cost. All models come pre-assembled with a unique hinged design that allows quick and easy set up for viewing and equally fast fold-up for storage and/or transport. Accessory side walls, available for each model, are recommended for tighter compliance to the D50 industry viewing standard. These models also provide significantly greater viewing areas compared with the previous models.

The PDV-2020e was developed specifically for large format image viewing and particularly for camera club print judging competitions.  The PJK-2020e Print Judging Kit provides a diffusion lens plus magnetic rear wall and print bars to allow a 16" x 20" print to be displayed in either landscape or portrait orientation.


  • Standard D50 ISO Compliance
  • Dimming Option for Soft-Proofing
  • Larger Vertical Viewing Surfaces
  • Tighter Control with Optional Side Walls
  • All Models Fold For Easy Transport/Storage