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Camera Cheat Sheet Standard Playing Cards

Model: 506807
Manufacturer: Misc

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Playing Cards For Camera Lovers. Photography Cheat Sheet With Tips, Tricks & Settings


  • Each numbered card illustrates the most important rules and techniques about photography. Each of the court cards has uniquely designed camera artwork, doubling up as photography tip cards and playing cards.
  • The suits contain one of the four different categories: Spades: Camera Basics, Hearts: Composition, Clubs: Technical, Diamonds: Shooting Styles. Cards can be combined to further improve the quality of the photos that you are taking.
  • The Court cards have uniquely designed camera artwork.
  • Each deck contains 52 Playing Cards + 2 Jokers.
  • Compact and travel friendly. Standard Size: 3.5 in. x 2.5 in. (89x 64mm).
  • The cards are made from paper with micro linen for better handling.
  • Sturdy embossed cardboard tuckbox.