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Kodak TMAX RS Liquid Film Developer/Replenisher to Make 2 x 25 Liters

Model: 5054184
Manufacturer: Kodak

This item is no longer manufactured.
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KODAK T-MAX Developer is a moderately active, liquid black & white film developer that offers enhanced shadow detail in normally processed and push-processed films. You can use T-MAX RS Developer to process roll and sheet sizes of Kodak T-MAX films and most other black & white continuous-tone films.

T-MAX RS Developer and Replenisher is a hydroquinone-based, two-part developer specially formulated for replenished systems, but you can also use it in unreplenished systems. Use use this solution as a working-tank solution or a replenisher.

For replenishment, add 1.5 fluid ounces (45 ml) of solution for each 135-36 or 120 roll or 8 x 10-inch sheet (or equivalent) processed. Stir the solution thoroughly after each addition of replenisher solution. Do not use KODAK T-MAX RS Developer and Replenisher to replenish KODAK T- MAX Developer.


  • Package in two bottles to make 25 liters each for a total of 50 liters working solution
  • Produces enhanced shadow detail
  • For normal or push processing of roll and sheet films
  • Can also be used to replenish working-strength developer


Liquid/Powder Liquid
Chemical Type BW Film Developer