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Impossible Instant B&W Film for 600 Special Edition Eley Kishimoto

Model: 4635
Manufacturer: Impossible

This item is no longer manufactured.

Impossible produces instant films in color and black & white, for classic Polaroid cameras and Impossible hardware, such as the Impossible Instant Lab or I-1 Camera. 

Globally renowned as the 'patron saints of print', since the early 90s Eley Kishimoto have brought the world of design to life, most famously with their dazzling two-tone Flash motif which has been applied to everything from fashion and home wares to windmills and motorcycles.

Impossible has joined forces with the British design house to create a limited edition pack of black & white instant film for Polaroid 600-type and Impossible I-type cameras, framed in the iconic Flash print. When the original icon of instant photography meets an unforgettable print, the result is a chance to create truly unique instant photos.

Special edition Eley Kishimoto film for Polaroid 600 with Flash instant photo frame. Its vibrant, kinetic quality balances the stillness of a black and white portrait, or adds an extra kick to a shot filled with shape and shadow.


  • Eight instant black and white photos with Eley Kishimoto Flash frames
  • For use in Polaroid 600 type and Impossible I-type cameras
Speed (ISO) 600 ISO
Product InstructionsIMPOSSIBLE Creative Techniques