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Modern Collodion Fixer Bath Tank for Tintypes and Ambrotypes

Model: 462812
Manufacturer: Modern Collodion

Low Stock - Call 800.292.6137 for current status

Modern Collodion Fixer Bath Tank is designed for fixing plates up to 8x10 inches. Each one is hand-made with a window to watch that magical moment when the milky negative turns into a beautiful photograph. 

Made of beautiful white oak with a natural hand oil finish. Comes with removable liquid tight acrylic interior, dipper, kickstand, and ornate swing clasp to keep the lid closed.  The dipper is made with minimal surface area to avoid suction on plates and for easier draining. 

"Wet plate is an art, and the equipment you use should tell the story of the hard work and dedication you put into each photograph" - Modern Collodion


  • Made of White Oak
  • Natural Oil Finish
  • Accommodates plates up to 8x10 inches
  • Made in the USA 

What's in the box?

  • White Oak Tank with Window
  • Removable Liquid Tight Acrylic Interior
  • Dipper
  • Kickstand
  • Swing Clasp (to keep lid closed)